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Prentmidlun is a centre for printing and publication offering through its global network a broad smorgasbord of streamlined solutions including books, catalogs, periodicals and magazines to name a few, for companies and individuals.
With decades of experience behind us, we have selected highly specialized and trustworthy professionals and establishments as our partners and associates from around the globe to work with us to meet your most stringent needs of cost, quality and delivery schedule for your Smelltuvaluable project.
We undertake production and door-to-door delivery to clients around the globe. Our commitments to the client are underwritten by meticulous planning and continuous follow-up, and reinforced by special insurance to guarantee secure transport to place of delivery.
Mr. Eythor Pall Hauksson, the CEO and founder of the company, is a professional printer with more than a quarter century of experience in printing, sales and marketing in domestic and international publishing market. He has hands-on experience through every stage of the process, from design, layout, printing and book binding to marketing and sales.

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Address: Prentmidlun Ltd.
Holmatun 55
225 Alftanes

Tel: +354-554 5800

E-Mail: prentmidlun@prentmidlun.is

Company ID no. 440208-0290
VAT no. 97103

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